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Jorge Arredondo Dorantes

Jorge Arredondo Dorantes

Philosophy of life by Jorge Arredondo Dorantes

I think it is an unquestionable law of nature trying to understand how comes you are where you are right now. "Your current status in life" label for the sake of this philosophy explanation. Have you ever wondered how infinite the diversity and possibilities in your life path may occur?

Hmmm, I think each person is where they want to be, who they want to be with, how they want to be, because they have decided so, whether they admit that or not. My simple philosophy that has to be fragmented in thousand more pieces. Death comes into play but has to be explained in detail. To Understand what I think about life, you need to understand first what I think about death.
Death will come soon whether you want it or not. Is a fact and it will come soon. Really soon!. Yeah, maybe In some years or decades. Who knows, but the fact is that it will come and there is nothing to stop it. As soon as you understand and feel the power of death, you will be able to enjoy life every second like it would be the last!. Enjoying this day like it will be the last day of your life!
My philosophy of life is based on enjoying every second but how you are going to accomplish this? Doing what you want!
You need to know what you want to do with your life. Is hard to know what you want to do in life but not impossible. Focus all your energy on finding what you want to do in life. After you find it, Invest all that energy doing it!
Do not waste your life. Enjoy!.

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Prits said...

Loved your website and then from there to here on this blog and your youtube channel. All are superb. Kudos on putting everything so beautifully. God bless.


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