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Jorge Arredondo Dorantes CCIE

Jorge Arredondo Dorantes CCIE

Automate Cisco environments with Red Hat Ansible Automation

Red Hat® Ansible® Automation integrates with Cisco infrastructure to scale and speed automation, helping businesses deliver greater efficiency, create value faster, and solve IT and business workflow challenges across the entire IT organization. Ansible Automation provides automation support for a wide range of Cisco products and platforms. Learn how businesses are using network automation to keep up with the demands of digital transformation.

RED HAT ANSIBLE AUTOMATION FOR CISCO INFRASTRUCTURE AGENTLESS, HUMAN-READABLE, PLATFORM-AGNOSTIC CONNECTIVITY There is no shortage of automation options for today’s Cisco users, but many of the solutions are either purpose-built for a specific product or require extensive knowledge of complex programming languages. Red Hat Ansible Automation minimizes the need for understanding platform-specific constructs, as well as vendor-specific command lines and implementations. It instead focuses on abstracting complexity away from the end-user via human-readable Ansible Playbooks via Ansible modules. The result is less time needed to learn multiple platforms or discrete automation tools to get heterogeneous systems up and running quickly and efficiently. In addition, many of these discrete tools may still require significant manual intervention, for example, via an interactive graphical user interface (GUI) to automate. Red Hat offers a new approach to automating Cisco-based network and infrastructure management, using a long-standing relationship with the hardware pioneer to support a range of popular Cisco solutions, accessible to everyone on your team with little additional training. Ansible Automation is flexible enough to automate Cisco devices directly or interface with existing tools, automating the automators at the top level. Ansible helps network operators and system administrators: • Limit productivity-killing repetitive, manual tasks. • Focus efforts that help deliver more value to the business. • Speed up application delivery. • Build on a DevOps culture of success, breaking down logical and physical divisions. Unlike other common automation platforms, Ansible Automation unburdens IT teams from manually configuring and managing an array of infrastructure platforms and globally distributed network devices all from within in an intuitive, agentless environment. With Ansible Automation’s humanreadable automation capabilities, users can simply describe how they want the infrastructure to look or behave instead of needing specialized coding skills, like Python. This ability can reduce configuration and update timelines from several weeks or months to a matter of hours.

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