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Jorge Arredondo Dorantes

Jorge Arredondo Dorantes

Philosophy about Education by Jorge Arredondo Dorantes

Humans are social beings. By nature, we are social animals. Since the very beggining of my education when I started to deal with my new classmates, I created this believe of you having the power of your own choises. From the beginning I have always believed the fact that each person is where they want to be, who they want to be with, how they want to be, because they have decided so, whether they admit that or not.
In early human years, seems that teaching education and manners are 100% parents duties covered by family members at home but the truth is that schooling knacks will take a big role in each educational human life path. Unlike homeschools, I support the idea of taking your kids to go to traditional schools. just because of the fact of the physical social interaction with other kids. Not because is the main educational source to get the proper manners.
I see going to school in early human years is a social necessity. Nothing else. Whether is in public or private schools, schooling knacks can be two-edged swords, therefore, you need to be careful about. After social fun with the schoolmates, education at home have to be polished as well as possible. All matters.
After a bit talk about basic elementary education, I can say almost all average humans have the capability to learn anything. Improve educational skills every time.
My philosophy about education is about learning always something new. Getting new skills is not matter of capabilities, I think is only a matter of desire.

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